Building The Team

Assembling a group of specialists has been the hardest task that we have undertaken. Sanjay has painstakingly researched many firms and conducted interviews to ensure that each and every firm reflects our service driven ethos. We conduct client surveys on the quality of services provided by them to ensure that our brand adds customer value.

Ethos and Values.
A fundamental requirement - we can only work with firms who share our philosophical and ethical approach, which is that the priority of every phone meeting, recommendation, plan and action is what is best for the client. This is very simple to say, and much harder to find!

Transparent and Simple Charging.
The firms with whom we work with must operate and charge as we do, in a completely open way, so that clients know exactly how much they are paying and for what. Again this was not easy to find them. You will never have to ask our consultants how much they charge, it will be made totally clear to you from the start.

Passion and Enthusiasm.
Sanjay Gohil's passion for his work, his principles and for growing his clients' wealth is clear and obvious to anyone who meets him.

Our in-house services

For further details please see each company's Terms of Business.

Gohil and Gunby Financial Services

Sanjay Gohil is the Principal of Gohil and Gunby Financial Services. Sanjay and his team provide a comprehensive holistic financial planning service ranging from pensions, ISA's, retirement planning, tax efficient savings, life assurance and inheritance tax planning.

Sanjay and his team are authorised and regulated to give independent mortgage advice. Please see our competitive mortgage terms.

How Does It Work?
In order to help you achieve your financial independence Gohil and Gunby Financial Services have developed and refined a seven point system which we follow with every client. It begins with your first visit to a Financial Adviser.

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

Our approach and ethics, and yours.
As a prospective client you'll receive 'bedtime reading' even before the first meeting. It's aimed at giving you a sense of our ethos to see if it matches your own. Being a Gohil and Gunby Financial Services client is not a passive activity. It is a close, working relationship, which goes well beyond transactions, and frankly, we are not right for everyone. At the heart of our relationship is our flat fee model and the explanation of this approach is a key part of the introductory meeting. You will also be introduced to our consultant structure. There is no charge for this meeting, and no obligation.

Step 2: Understanding your objectives

Your mission plans
Here, you talk, we listen. You may already have a clear set of objectives or maybe just a dream, a goal or even some fears about the future. Or perhaps, like many, you don’t. A big part of our process is to encourage our clients into saying what they want. Is it more cash flow, retirement by a certain date, security for your family in the event of death or passive income so you can have time to enjoy what you have earned? The more we know, the more we can help.

Step 3: Collect and analyse

... income, assets, spending, needs
You might be surprised at how much detailed information we ask for– about how you live, what you spend, what you own, where you bank, what you owe, and why. We’ll ask you to authorise your current accountants, lawyers, brokers to share information with us because access to the minutiae of your financial situation is key to our being able to help plan your future. By the way, we have absolutely no intention of usurping your current team, and there will be no pressure for you to switch to ours.

Step 4: Create a model

what you'll need for the rest of your lives
Once we know the lifestyle you want, we’ll help you define and cost it and create a model of your future, which we’ll display on-screen for you to consider. Our program allows us to adapt or evolve it as our discussions progress. Sometimes, in order to achieve the future you want, change will be necessary. We will help you manage it.

Step 5: Create a plan

This is the motor which will drive your financial future, an investment plan and asset allocation that is unique to you, based on your specific growth requirements, liquidity and timescales. As part of the preceding steps we will have analysed and discussed your capacity and tolerance for risk, and we will naturally take this into account when creating your own personal plan. There are few ironclad guarantees in this life, but we are achieving results for our clients, and for our firm. As a result of personal recommendations we have added further private fee clients in the past year and we expect the trend to continue.

Step 6: Plan to save tax

There’s not much point in planning to create wealth if the Chancellor of the day takes an unreasonable slice, either during your life or from your Estate. Considering how to deal with your current and future tax situation is an important part of the plan.

Step 7: Review annually

We called the plan 'the motor', but we could equally describe it as a Journey, one we take together, and this means meeting regularly to see where we are, check if circumstances and needs have changed and to re-assess and adapt your plan if necessary. Review meetings are at least once a year – more often if necessary.


The guidance provided within this literature is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore primarily targeted at consumers based in the UK.

Registered office address: 111 Melton Road, Leicester, LE4 6QS

Gohil and Gunby Financial Services is a trading style of LJ Financial Planning Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the financial services register with firm reference number: 429142


Financial planning helps you get organised
Today, money management and investment is a full-time occupation. Financial planning has become essential for anyone who is serious about achieving financial independence.

A financial planner doesn't replace your solicitor, accountant or stockbroker. Instead he works with them to achieve your goals.

He doesn't prepare your tax returns; your accountant does that. Rather he helps you plan the best overall tax strategy and takes the initiative in bringing to your attention ideas which help you achieve your financial objectives.

He doesn't write your will. But he does work with your solicitor to protect your estate from Inheritance Tax and ensure Financial security for your dependants.

He doesn't deal on the stock market but can liaise with your stockholder to maximise the return on your capital. He will also advise on a wide range of investment which you may not have considered.

Financial planners look at your arrangements as a whole, then put together and coordinate the resources you need to achieve your objectives.

People don't plan to fail,
they just fail to plan.

Gohil and Gunby Property Services Limited

It is a reality that estate agents work in the interests of their clients- the sellers. On the other hand, Sanjay, as Director of Gohil and Gunby Property Services Limited follows his established model, and works in the interests of his clients- the buyers.

Through dealing directly with developers, negotiating hard and bulk buying, Sanjay is able to purchase buy to let investment properties which add value to his clients' property portfolios. He focuses predominantly on the London property market but also covers other UK regions.

We dovetail our buying agent service with our third party team on lettings and management, which we provide to Gohil and Gunby Property Services clients at an extremely competitive price.

Gohil and Gunby Property Services Limited is not regulated by the FCA.

Our team of third party consultants

Our third party consultants are not part of Gohil and Gunby - they work in partnership with us.

Accountancy Services

Gohil and Gunby are introducers to various Chartered Accountancy firms that provide a complete accountancy service, tax planning and business advice to small and medium sized businesses.

Residential Property Investing Education

Gohil and Gunby are introducers to Residential Property Investment Education specialists 'Property Investors Network', headed by Simon Zutshi. Simon Zutshi is one of the UK's most respected property investing experts with over 17 years of experience. He is the author of an Amazon No 1 best selling property book, and is regularly asked to share his experience and knowledge at wealth creation events in the UK and abroad.

Commercial Finance Services

Gohil and Gunby's appointed Commercial Finance specialists work closely with our commercial property specialists to provide a complete Commercial Property service. With a vast network of contacts with banks and commercial providers, they assist clients with finance for business acquisition, working capital, invoice and assets.

Legal Services

Gohil and Gunby are introducers to a number of solicitors' firms advising a range of private and business clients all over the country. Legal services include: Wills, Probate, Trusts, Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Family Law and Property conveyancing.

Residential Property – Lettings & Management

Gohil & Gunby are introducers to a specialist residential lettings and property management team. For our valued Gohil & Gunby Property Services Ltd Clients, they provide a competitive let and managed pricing proposition.